HighRise Hybrid Gravity Bong


The gravity bong has been a staple of the stoner community for ages. Though often used as a necessity, many stoners have come to prefer gravity bongs due to their surprising efficiency and power. Nothing compares quite to dense cloud packed into a water bottle– sometimes not even a regular bong.

But what if you took the same principal that makes a gravity bong so powerful, combined it with the filtration of a water bong, and utilized high quality engineering and ergonomic construction? Well, there’s no need to wonder. High Rise did it.

The High Rise is the industry’s definitive gravity/water hybrid bong. You’ve never hit something quite like this before. The patented lung action pushes out and extracts a fully-formed hit much like a gravity bong, but adds the step of pulling the smoke through the ice and water.

What results is a hit that has been sculpted with high quality engineering to make it buttery smooth and formidable.

Regular water pipes can only use a limited amount of water for filtration. The High Rise’s Riser Valve allows you to fill the water all the way to the top, and more water = more filtration.

Likewise, gravity bongs have virtually no filtration. Though you add water, the smoke never actually passed through it. The High Rise combines these two principles to give you the best of both worlds, allowing you to make more economical use of your herb.